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Aluminum profile

products, both general and special purpose, made by drawing aluminum

Working alloys:
– EN AW-6063
– EN AW-6060
– EN AW-6005A
– EN AW-6082
Thermal rim: T4, T5, T6, T66
Standard length of profiles: 1500 mm – 7000 mm (*production of profiles in special lengths is discussed individually).
Minimum wall thickness: 0,80 mm
Maximum wall thickness: is discussed individually

Main types of profiles

Standard aluminum profiles

angles and channels; round, oval and square pipes with different wall thicknesses; bars of different diameters; electrical busbars; other

Special (not standard) profiles

stair profiles; profiles for fences; window and door profiles; furniture profiles; profiles for facade systems and much more.
It is possible to produce profiles according to individual customer drawings

It is possible to produce profiles according to individual customer drawings


Anodized profile

Profile coated with oxide film by anodic polarization in a conductive medium. Anode coating of the profile is able to prevent oxidation of aluminum in the open air and protect it from possible mechanical damage. 
Main characteristics of anodized profiles:
– Anode coating thickness: from 6 to 21 microns
– Coating color: silver, bronze, gold, black anode
– Max length of anodized profiles: 7000 mm
Due to its properties and attractive appearance, the anodized profile is widely used in building and architectural structures, as well as in various interior solutions, industrial industry, etc.

Painted profiles

The presence of horizontal and vertical lines of powder coating makes it possible to apply a coating of any color on the RAL scale. This painting technology is used not only for protective but also for decorative purposes. We can provide production and supply of painted profiles of various configurations, lengths and colors.

Profiles with mechanical processing

– Brushed profiles – a product with a beautiful decorative pattern in the form of strokes along the length of the profile, applied with a special brush.
– Shot blasted profiles – a product with a slightly rough structure, which further provides better adhesion of the protective coating (paint or anode).
– Polished profiles with a smooth, shining surface
– Profiles with various types of machining using CNC machines according to individual customer drawings

Aluminium scrap

Basic alloys:
– ENAW-1050A
– ENAW-1060
– ENAW-1070A
– ENAW-1080A
– ENAW-1085
– ENAW-1090

Packing: rounds tightened with plastic clamp, on wooden pallets, for forklift unloading
Minimum order quantity: 20 tons
Delivery time: 1 month
Terms of delivery: DDP
Price and payment terms: negotiable individually

Aluminum cylindrical ingots (poles)

Basic alloys:
– AA6060/ENAW – 6060
– AA6063/ENAW – 6063
Diameter: 127 mm, 178 mm
Length: 6000 mm
Packing: poles tightened with plastic clamp, placed on wooden pallets, for unloading by loader

Minimum order quantity: 20 tons
Delivery time: 1 month
Price and payment terms: are discussed individually

Wire rod

Aluminum wire rod

Diameter: 9.5 mm (*average diameter deviation 0.51 mm * deviation at any point 0.76 mm)
Delivery condition: 1350-H12
Tensile strength: 83-117
Resistivity Ohm mm2/ m, not more: 28.03
Equivalent volume conductivity % IACS min: 61.5
Tensile strength of joints made in the finished workpiece, not less: 76 MPa
Terms of delivery: DDP
Price and payment terms: negotiated individually
Packaging: 3 steel or plastic clamps; coils are placed on wooden pallets, which allows them to be moved by forklift. The coil can be covered with a white film (at the request of the client).
Approximate weight of 1 coil: 2500 kg.
Outer diameter: 1500 mm
Inner diameter: 500 mm
Coil height: 860 – 900 mm

Copper wire rod

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